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Facial Threading

We offer threading on all areas of the face. Experience the art of our expert technique that can remove hair quickly and without pain. The process is all natural and relatively quick.


Full Body Waxing

Don't let our name fool you! We also offer the entire suite of waxing services for our clients. We can wax certain areas, such as eyebrows or legs, or we can provide a full body wax. We have a private waxing room for all body waxes for total privacy.

Eye Lash Extensions

Give your eyes that extra flair with extensions! These go on easily and can last for a couple of weeks. Different lengths available.

Eyelash Extensions
Henna Tattoo in Progress

Henna Tattoos

Get a great tattoo without the needle! Henna tattoos are a great way to get a temporary flair of style on your skin. Henna is a natural paste from the Henna leaf, traditionally found in India. Designs can vary from simple shapes to complex designs for special events.

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